Savannah Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is important as it not only keeps your pet looking good—it keeps your pet healthy as well. At Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, our experienced grooming staff provides compassionate care in order to ensure that your dog has a stress-free grooming experience. Our groomers are also skilled at performing breed-appropriate cuts.

A matted coat could lead to a number of skin conditions, and may keep you from noticing a problem until it is too late. By allowing us to groom your dog, we can catch any problems before they develop into something more serious.


Bathing your dog regularly keeps your canine friend’s coat clean and healthy. Our groomers will thoroughly remove all dirt and debris from your dog’s fur so he or she can come home looking and smelling great.

Specialty Cuts

Whether your dog requires scissoring, clipping, or shave downs, our groomers have the skill necessary to perform special cuts on any dog breed.

Nail Trimming

Overgrown nails can put stress on your dog’s paw, forcing him or her to put extra weight on the back of the pad. Dogs with long nails may also scratch up your furniture floors, and even you! Many people find nail trimming to be an intimidating process, afraid they might hurt their dog. Fortunately, our groomers are very experienced with nail trimming, and will ensure that your dog’s nails are trimmed correctly without injury.

Ear Cleaning

Some dogs just have a lot of hair—even in their ears. By allowing us to perform an ear cleaning on your dog, you can avoid any ear problems in the future.

Teeth Brushing

Gum disease doesn’t only affect humans—dogs can develop this problem if their teeth aren’t taken care of properly. We offer teeth brushing services in order to keep your dog’s teeth and gums nice and healthy.


Some breeds require frequent grooming and cuts. We encourage puppy owners to make an appointment with us to get your little one acquainted with our grooming services.

Vaccination Requirements

In order to utilize our dog grooming services, we must have proof that your dog has been vaccinated against Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP.

To book your dog’s grooming services, please contact us today!

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