Savannah Cat and Dog Surgical Procedures

Georgetown Veterinary Hospital uses the latest techniques in veterinarian surgery in order to benefit your cat or dog’s well being and improve their health. We are committed to providing the appropriate treatment in order to restore your pet back to good health.

Our surgical procedures include:


Neutering in both male cats and dogs can help prevent or reduce undesirable behavioral problems, such as “marking” and becoming territorial. Neutering can also be beneficial to your pet’s health.


Spaying a female cat or dog not only helps avoid unplanned pregnancies, it can also benefit the health of your pet. Spaying prevents your pet from going into heat—this is important, as when a cat or dog does into heat, she might try to escape in search of a mate. By having your cat spayed, you can eliminate this dangerous behavior. In dogs, spaying can reduce the risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer.

Mammary Tumor Removal

Dogs may be susceptible to breast cancer, just as humans are. These tumors can be surgically removed from your dog.


Pyometra is a dangerous uterus infection that may occur in older female dogs in the month following heat. When pyometra occurs, the uterus fills with bacteria, pus, toxins, and dying tissue. Death may occur without proper treatment.

Onychectomy (Declawing)

Declawing is a surgical procedure in which a cat’s entire nail and nail bed are removed from the front paws under general anesthesia. The incisions may be closed with absorbable sutures or surgical skin adhesive. The cat may be hospitalized for one or two nights, and oral antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed for up to a week after surgery. Generally, most cats recover with one to two weeks.


Histiocyoma is a benign tumor that is common in younger dogs and some cats. Although it typically goes away by itself, the tumor may become itchy and moist. Because it is similar to some malignant tumors, diagnostic testing is recommended.

If you believe that your pet is in need of surgical services, or you have any questions, please contact Georgetown Veterinary Hospital today.

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