Savannah Cat and Dog Food/Nutrition

Savannah Cat and Dog Food/Nutrition
Choosing the right food for your dog or cat can be a daunting task. Besides deciding if you should feed your pet dry or wet food, you must find a brand that delivers all of the necessary nutrition. Our veterinary staff is more than happy to help you find cat and dog food that will keep your pet healthy.

Dry Food or Wet Food?

One of the most common questions regarding pet food is should it be dry or wet? While both types of food will deliver the proper nutrients, dry food can help prevent tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. Because some breeds of dogs are especially susceptible to dental disease, dry kibble is typically recommended for them. However, some feline diseases, such as kidney failure and obesity, can be managed with wet canned food.

Feeding Your Cat

Cats are carnivores, which means that their diets should consist of animal protein. Vegetable-based diets are unhealthy for cats and may lead to serious health problems. Obesity is a common problem with cats. Because dry foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates, wet food is recommended in order to maintain a healthy weight. Cats should be fed several times a day.

Feeding Your Dog

Because dogs are omnivores, their diet may contain both vegetable and meat products. High-fat diets should be avoided in order to avoid problems, unless you have a very active dog. There are many foods that are toxic to dogs, including grapes, raisins, onions, and chocolate.

Natural Diets

Some people choose to prepare a natural diet for their pets; however, getting the right amount of nutrients and portions can be difficult. The time and expense of a natural diet should also be considered. If you choose to give your pet a natural diet, be sure to do plenty of research in order to ensure that your cat or dog stays healthy.

Choosing Your Pet’s Food

There are several brands of pet food that deliver the nutrients your cat or dog needs. At Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, we sell Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Eukanuba, and Science Diet. These products are of the highest quality and are designed with your pet’s health in mind.

If you need help selecting the right food for your cat or dog, we can make recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

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